Bryant Air ConditionerElectric heat pumps are an ideal solution to year round temperature control.  When you require cooling, a heat pump extracts heat from the house and pumps it outside, creating a refreshingly cool environment. When you require heating, a heat pump reverses the flow of refrigerant and its utilization, absorbing heat from outside and delivering it inside.  This transfer of heat results in rewarding efficiency and complete temperature control.  If you currently heat with electricity, upgrading to a heat pump can cut electrical use by as much as 30% to 40% percent.  Modern heat pumps also offer far better dehumidification when compared to standard central air conditioners, resulting in less energy usage and superior comfort.

Heat pumps meet your needs for convenience and comfort!

The installation and maintenance of one system for both heating and cooling provides greater comfort, convenience, and efficiency.  To enjoy maximum rewards, trust Comfort Heating and Air for timely and accurate installation.  We offer a wide selection of sizes, styles, and features to meet your expectations for price, performance, and ease of operation.  Customized zone control, energy tracking, remote operation, and adaptable-speed are just the beginning.  These compact systems open up a whole new world of possibilities.

A heat pump allows much more diversity in design choices.  Because these units do not require a flue to vent exhaust gases, you have more options for location.  You’ll also avoid the uncomfortable temperature swings associated with conventional systems.  Heat pumps deliver gentle and even heating and cooling. They can very quickly raise and lower the temperature of a room, and change from heating to cooling in an instant.  These smart systems are able to adapt to conserve energy while you are out of the house, and provide ideal temperatures for your return.

Heat pumps transfer existing heat rather than burn fuel to generate it.  The elimination of the combustion process makes them a more environmentally responsible option.  They are also safer.  There are no flames or fumes, and no worry over combustion byproducts, such as carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide.  You’ll enjoy clean, reliable, and safe heating and cooling.

For all your heat pump service, repair, or installation needs, contact Comfort Heating and Air today!

Comfort Heating and Air handles both the proper installation and maintenance of your heat pump.  We offer free estimates and limited ten year warranties.  As a Bryant Factory Authorized Dealer, our technicians have the specialized training necessary to correctly install and service heat pumps.  Our 100% commitment to quality guarantees prompt turnaround on your project, and the most competitive prices.  Our knowledgeable staff would be happy to discuss the many available options, make informed recommendations, and get started on improving your home comfort.  We expertly handle the comfort needs of homeowners in Tahlequah and across Tahlequah, Park Hill, Keys, Cookson, Westville, Praire Grove, Farmington, Lincoln, AR & Stilwell, OK, delivering premier solutions to every weather condition.